Home Business Tips – Are You Pinching Pennies and Losing Dollars?

article-2297794-02E0598200000578-672_468x312 (1)Let’s start with advertising. Look, I use lots of free advertising. Article marketing, which doesn’t cost me a penny, is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet. However, article marketing has its limits. For one thing, it’s a slow process. An article may take a while to bring traffic to your site. Plus, some articles may bomb out entirely. It took me years of article writing to build a significant income from it. In the meantime, paid advertising, especially something like pay per click, can bring you targeted traffic immediately.

What about building a list? Some people will put off doing it altogether because there is a cost involved with subscribing to an autoresponder service. Or, they’ll try a very cheap or even free solution by installing a script on their own server. The problem with this is that you have no protection against spam complaints. Get enough of these and your ISP can shut you down. This could cost you more than just a few dollars. It could cost you your entire business.

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Home Business Tips - Are You Pinching Pennies and Losing Dollars?
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Property Finance Investment

Torn-&-Cut-One-Dollar-Note-Floating-Away-in-Small-$-Pieces-4There are many investors out there nowadays who are deciding to make purchases through real estate and by doing this; they are making sure that they have solid finances that will be enough in protecting them from any negative equity. Choosing properties and locations which continue to maintain flexibility even when the market is facing rough times is a very intelligent thing to do. This is because these properties usually attract many buyers and as an addition, they portray so much potential hence adding value to the property. Once you have decided to make an investment purchase, make sure that you source your property finance through a mortgage broker that will ensure you maximize your return on investment as well as maximize your savings.

If you gear negatively through investment loans, the cost of that loan can be reduced effectively through wise property finance tax strategies. When applying for property finance lenders in most cases analyze the kind of credit history you have, your assets, other incomes you might have as well as the history of your employment so that they can come to a conclusion as to whether you are a reliable candidate to get the property finance loan applied for. The ability you have to convince the lender of the loan that you are able to repay is a very great factor in lending. Therefore, it is usually an added advantage to have experience in property management because this means that you can be able to manage the investment well and be able to pay the interest of the loan as well as gain a profit from it yourself

The following are some things you ought to take into consideration when considering the kind of property finance that will suit you:

Whether the property finance loan facility gives you an option of splitting it into several loan accounts. This is a good feature to have when getting an investment loan because it positions you for the future. Once you use the property investment at a later date for the purpose of gearing into another purchase, you can split the account so that the loan that relates to the new purchase is clearly identified. This allows your accountant and you to track the costs that are associated with the new purchase easily.

Another thing to consider is if you use an existing home loan and your home property as collateral for an investment loan, it becomes imperative that you are not to mix any debts to do with home loans with the borrowings of an investment loan.

Also consider whether the property finance loan allows you to capitalize on interest. Including a capitalizing feature as part of an investment loan for protecting you against any costs that you might incur unexpectedly in relation to that property. This also comes down to that instead of having to subsidize the costs of investment on your investment loan, you can be able to capitalize on them and make repayments

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Property Finance Investment
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Car Leasing – Your Finance Options

scale_car_moneyThis is a convenient and hassle free hire agreement, whereby the user simple pays a fixed monthly rental for the use of the vehicle over a pre-determined term and mileage. There’s no risk of unpredictableresidual values as at the end of the agreement, the vehicle is returned to the funder for disposal. It’s popular with business users as it’s both VAT and tax efficient and with private individuals who want fixed cost motoring.

This is a VAT beneficial hire agreement for business users who want to handle the admin of their vehicles and have the asset shown on their balance sheet. The hirer can choose to pay the entire cost of the vehicleplus an interest cost over the lease period and receive a percentage of the proceeds following the sale of the vehicle or pay lower monthly rentals with a final balloon payment based on the anticipated resale value of thevehicle.

Contract Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase

This is a purchase agreement with a difference in that it offers low fixed monthly payments with the bonus that the user has no risk of a potential fall in the residual of the vehicle. This is due to a balloon placed at the end of the agreement, which is guaranteed by the finance house and is determined at the start of the contract based on the term and mileage that you choose. At the end f the agreement, you can either pay the final amount and keep the vehicle or sell it/trade it in and use the equity towards your next vehicle or simply hand it back to the finance company.  It’s popular with companies who aren’t VAT registered and private individuals who want fixed cost motoring with flexibility.

This is a purchase agreement for a business or an individual who wants eventual ownership of the vehicle, which is acquired when all the payments, including the option to purchase have been made. Part of the capital cost of the vehicle payment may be differed into a “balloon” payment at the end of the agreement, the anticipated value of the vehicle.

Car leasing can sometimes be difficult to understand but with these finance options available, signing a car leasing agreement can save you money.

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Car Leasing - Your Finance Options
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